First Unitarian Buddhist Fellowship is a growing practice community that welcomes people of all faith traditions. Unitarian Universalist (UU) experience with Buddhism has a long history that is rich and varied. Both traditions honor the beliefs people hold based on their own experiences and understandings. In neither tradition will anyone tell you what you ought to believe. Lama Surya Das writes about our shared values in Buddhist Voices in Unitarian Universalism.

The First Unitarian Buddhist Fellowship offers opportunities for ongoing meditation, retreats, study, and discussion to support mindful engagement in our personal life, church community and the world.

For information or to become involved
Contact: John Solberg

Contact: Gail Wilder

Contact: Jan Cook

Turning Inward: Listening to Our Deepest Selves

Between Sunday Services from 10:40-11:00am, September-May

The First Unitarian Buddhist Fellowship will be sponsoring an ongoing opportunity for people to take some silent interfaith time together for contemplation and reflection. We will gather in the Thoreau Room, sharing silence as we listen to the voices of our hearts.

Contact:  John Solberg

Vipassana Meditation

Mondays: 7:30-9:00pm
Cost: $1 per session

Vipassana, from the Buddhist tradition, is a simple form of mindfulness and breath awareness. You need not be familiar with Buddhism or sit on the floor! Benches, bolsters, and pillows are provided. Participants take part in a 40-minute meditation that may involve sitting and/or walking. This is followed by a closing and then a time for discussion. All are welcome. We meet every Monday night except for national holidays when the building would be closed.

Contact: Gail Wilder

Meditation Classes with Jan Cook

Three times a year, ordained Dharma Teacher Jan Cook offers classes and practice sessions, for our growing meditation practice community. She is ordained in a Tibetan lineage, but embraces all paths as foundation for her teaching. Jan offers Beginning, Deepening and Ongoing Meditation classes.

For the current schedule, rates and registration, contact Carolyn Steinkirchner at, or 1-585-381-6757. To contact Jan Cook directly, call 1-585-381-6757 or email

Buddhist Study Group

Thursdays: 9:00-10:30am

Weekly meetings involve a brief check-in, meditation, and study of Buddhist philosophy and practice. The bulk of the meeting is devoted to a detailed discussion based on a Buddhist book chosen by the group. Discussion often involves personal life reflections. The group spends about two months studying one Buddhist book. Please contact the facilitator for more information.

Contact: Hugh Mitchell

Buddhist Study Group

2nd Monday: 7:00-9:00pm

Our gathering consists of a check-in, short meditation, and book discussion as we try to relate Buddhist principles to our daily lives and spiritual journeys.  The group chooses books together based on our common interests in Buddhism and our spiritual work.

Contacts: Eric Bellman

Emily Osgood