Rita Capezzi


Rita Capezzi

Interim Intern at UUCC

A western Pennsylvania native, Rita grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh, where She attended college and graduate school, earned a PhD in American Literature and Cultural Studies, married her high school sweetheart, and gave birth to their two children, a son aged 26 and daughter aged 22. In 1994, she moved the family to Buffalo, NY when she accepted a teaching position in the English Department of Canisius College, where she holds the rank of tenured Associate Professor. She also served the college as Director of Academic Advising, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Director of the Core Curriculum.

Rita and her family joined the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo in 2004, and they quickly became very involved in congregational life. Rita facilitated a small group ministry for many years and worked on governance renewal in several capacities and on the worship team. Over time and through work on summer services, Rita felt the call to ministry and, in 2015, she entered Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago, IL. Her two-year internship at Canandaigua and First Unitarian is part of her ministerial formation.

With the guidance of Rev. Joel, as well as the support and advice of the ministerial staff, Rita’s ministry is focused on helping Canandaigua move through the interim period. She aims to help them reach a renewed understanding of their sustaining role for congregants and the wider community, as well as to assist them in planning for the church’s continuing presence and growth.