Worship Services


Worship Services


Join Us

as we celebrate life

At three services each weekend, we join together as a room full of doubters, dreamers, theists, atheists, blue-staters, red-staters, Jesus fans, meditators, mystics, lovers of reason and lovers of life. While our perspectives often differ, we all share the desire to express our gratitude for life and to reconnect with who we most want to be.

Thus “worship” for us is a time of expressing thanks, finding peace, listening for that “still small voice” and hearing challenges to live our lives with boldness, passion, clarity and risk.

If you too find yourself in need of such a weekly “spiritual jolt,” we’d love to have you join us.

Religious Education for children and youth is held during Sunday services from fall through spring, with childcare being offered during Sunday services. Crafts and other activities are sometimes messy, so children should dress appropriately.

A brief (45 minute) UU101 class for visitors and newcomers is often offered following our services. This is a comfortable, no-pressure opportunity to get a brief overview of our faith, talk with the facilitator, and ask any questions you may have.